Unnamed Beauty

Unnamed-2When I’m out with a cam­era it hap­pens some­times that some­body looks at me and then looks in the direc­tion I’m aim­ing. Then comes the ques­tion: “What are you pho­tograph­ing?” — In a joke­ful mood, I will tell the story of an invis­i­ble object, a rare bird or what­ever comes to my mind. But most of the time all I can say is: “Beauty!”. Con­tinue read­ing


Bättligorn from RiederalpA cou­ple of days ago, while on a trip to the Wal­lis Alps, my web­sites have been hacked. — For­tu­nately, I had good back­ups, so every­thing is online again.
To cel­e­brate the recov­ery,  I’m gonna show­case a mixed array from my last Swiss pics: a “Best-Of-The-Last-Week” kinda thing. — Above the Bät­tighorn seen from Rieder­alp Con­tinue read­ing

Early Morning at Chellechöpfli

Chellechopfli 1An early morn­ing photo trip together with the fero­cious table ten­nis player Alex Ziehe, who turns out to be a pas­sion­ate pho­tog­ra­pher, fly fisher and mush­room finder as well, brought us to the Chel­lechöpfli, the high­est point at Basel­land. — That it was very beau­ti­ful becomes obvi­ous if you look at the pho­tos Con­tinue read­ing

Table Tennis: Action in Waldenburg

TTC-Waldenburg-11When I left the US, it was clear to me: I will con­tinue play­ing table ten­nis.  In the lit­tle neigh­bor vil­lage of Walden­burg, Basel­land Switzer­land, I found a ded­i­cated club where most of the play­ers are beat­ing the shit out of me.  — Although I’m loos­ing almost every game, I love the total­ity, veloc­ity, con­cen­tra­tion, quick reac­tion and strat­egy of table ten­nis. Con­tinue read­ing