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Schlossruine Neu Falkenstein (New Hawkstone Castle)

Schloss Neu Falkenstein 1Intrigued by the ghostly atmos­phere, some night trips around full moon were lead­ing me to the closeby ruine of Schloss Neu Falken­stein in Bal­sthal — the per­fect place for the next Drac­ula movie. Con­tinue reading

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Beauty in Life and Death

Tak­ing off with my lit­tle Olym­pus cam­era, not know­ing what I’m look­ing for and what I will expe­ri­ence, is one of my favorite explo­rations.
This time, I climbed up the hill behind the house, where spring was throb­bing in full force besides all the reminds of fall. Con­tinue reading

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Swiss Springtime!

Springtime 5
Today was an incred­i­ble Spring day in Basel­land, Switzer­land. Translu­cent clouds and almost psy­che­delic greens! I was lucky to have my lit­tle Olym­pus E-M1 cam­era with me on my drive to Basel thru the coun­try­side. Con­tinue reading

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Signature Prints at Greg Lawson’s Gallery in Sedona

2679-Interior-Collage-Web_Page-1 The US Sig­na­ture Series of the “Grand Canyon Light Show” photo is now avail­able at Greg Lawson’s “Pas­sion for Place” Gallery in West Sedona!
Greg Law­son is a very inspir­ing land­scape, nature and ani­mal pho­tog­ra­pher and his Sedona gallery is a grand trea­sure box of his beau­ti­ful work, show­cas­ing pho­tos from Sedona, the United States and from his extended trav­els all around the world. To visit Greg Lawson’s Gallery is a must for every­one vis­it­ing Sedona who is inter­ested in nature pho­tog­ra­phy! Con­tinue reading

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Basler Fasnacht (Carnival of Basel)

Carnival of Basel The Basler Fas­nacht is one of the most orig­i­nal car­ni­vals of Switzer­land. Tra­di­tional drums and pipes, great masks and cos­tumes, Gugge­bands and kids. It starts with a big bang on Mon­day morn­ing at 4am and keeps rolling day and night until Thurs­day early morn­ing. Con­tinue reading

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Langenbruck, Switzerland

Langenbruck 1After 14 years of liv­ing in Sedona, Ari­zona, mov­ing to Switzer­land is rather a new adven­ture than a going back. My first scrap­book shots in the area of our new flat in Lan­gen­bruck are very promis­ing to me.  Con­tinue reading

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Saguaros and the Untamed West

Saguaros and the Untamed West 1Yes­ter­day early morn­ing we went to Bum­ble Bee to meet Saguaros in the early morn­ing light. Aren’t they full of joy, proud to be able to reach to the clouds, even in the rough desert? Con­tinue reading

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Chicken Point

Chicken Point 1The hike to the spec­tac­u­lar Chicken Point is so beau­ti­ful and event­ful that only chick­ens should take the Jeep to get there! Con­tinue reading

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Cold and Cloudy

Cold and Cloudy 1This morn­ing, catch­ing the sil­very light of a strange win­ter morn­ing around sun­rise. — Yet another view of the mag­nif­i­cent Sedona Red Rocks. Above the view towards Thun­der Moun­tain from the Air­port Vor­tex look­out.
Con­tinue reading

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“Grand Canyon Light Show” in Time Magazine">Grand Canyon Light Show” in Time Magazine

Time Magazine Dec 30 2013I’m very happy to announce that the “Grand Canyon Light Show” was fea­tured in the Decem­ber 30. 2013 edi­tion in the Time magazine.

Two weeks ago, I was con­tacted by Phil Bicker and Bryan Walsh from Time mag­a­zine to write a short state­ment about my photo. I wrote a lit­tle text, and was sur­prised to see it fea­tured as a dou­ble spread!

Every­thing about these pic­tures was a sur­prise.
It was lit­er­ally hit­ting me like light­ning,
show­ing me that moments of sig­nif­i­cance can­not be planned or forseen.
They can only be received.

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